List of Services

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Health Related Education

Community Health Worker Training, Paramedical Training, and other Health Related Diploma / Courses / Certificates

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Equipment Exports

Equipment & Supplies for: Cardiology, Dental, Gynecology & Urology, Laboratory, Neurology, Obstetrics and Maternity Care, Ophthalmology and Optometry, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Radiology and Surgery

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Rehabilitation Centers

For Physical Therapy and Limb Fixation

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Food And Nutrition Center for MNCH

Our Center is going to provide for provision of nutrition and dietary care. This product will also be for senior citizens to provide them healthcare for good nutritional care.

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Medical Billing & Coding

Services Including Electronic Patient Claims, Submitting Insurance Claims, Patient Statement Inquiries, Consulting, Coding, Account Maintenance, Auditing and Government Reporting

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Medical Tourism

This product of ours are for patients considering traveling for medical services and making their experience as easy as possible.

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Air Ambulances

We dedicate medical service for all those who need to access to the desired medical facilities through aircraft's. Our air ambulance transport professionals provide air medical escorts for patients requiring emergency medical assistance.

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Community Health Centers

Our Center is going to provide for provision of counselling services for preservation of non-communicable diseases. 

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Mother And Child Care Centers / Birthing Stations And Hospitals

By improving mother and child care health system through universal health coverage and quality nutrition.

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Trauma / Emergency Centers on Highways

To create the availability of emergency services for patients on highways

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Supporting Health Facilities

Providing health facilities with required technology, equipment, apparatus, and medication supplies

E – Health Units

E – Health Units with Headquarters in Islamabad to get support from specialist and surgeons providing 24 Hours services through Digital Equipment in the Rural Areas

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Water & Sanitation Centers

For access to safe and clean water

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Research Centers For HIV / AIDS / Tuberculosis / Thalassaemia And Hepatitis

We will create awareness for preventing HIV / AIDS / Tuberculosis / Thalassaemia and Hepatitis with screening services would be available in hospitals

Burning Centers

We are dedicated to the complete physical and emotional healing of our patients through advanced surgical techniques, innovative synthetic skin treatments and expert care.

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Neonatal Transport

As Neonatal transport services are a vital part of care for premature and sick babies, to ensure that babies can be moved quickly for the right care in the right place for their needs.
Our ambulances are purpose-built for safely transporting newborns from their rural or remote communities to intensive care units.